Warner Bros. Seemingly In No Rush To Find A New Director For The Flash


The Flash has not had an easy time of it. The movie has lost two directors due to so-called “creative differences” and is reportedly undergoing a page one rewrite. Despite that, Warner Bros. is still mulling over releasing it in 2018, but a new report now points to the studio taking its time to find a new filmmaker to get behind the camera.

Asked by a fan on Twitter what’s going on with The Flash, Variety reporter Justin Kroll revealed that the studio is being patient when it comes to tracking down a new director while Ezra Miller works on the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them sequel. That’s going to be a pretty lengthy shoot and obviously delays the DC Comics adaptation significantly. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that Warner Bros. isn’t trying to rush things here, though it’s hard not to wonder what led to them parting ways with two directors in the first place. Is The Flash really that hard to make a reality?

Apparently so, but based on what we’ve seen of the Fastest Man Alive in Justice League, it should be worth the wait for his solo adventure. That being said, a director with some serious visual flare is definitely going to be required in order to ensure that it can stand out in an already over-crowded genre.

The Flash was originally scheduled to be released next year, but as of right now, Aquaman is the only confirmed DC Extended Universe film set for 2018. If anything changes on that front, we’ll be sure to let you know.

Source: Justin Kroll