Warner Bros.’ Comic-Con Press Release Doesn’t Even Mention Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice

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Well, this is definitely going to upset a few people… Warner Bros. has issued an official press release detailing its plans for this month’s upcoming San Diego Comic-Con, but gave absolutely no mention of its highly anticipated Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, or of the burgeoning DC cinematic universe.

Now, while we weren’t really expecting to see any huge announcements for BVS or Justice League detailed in a press release, it’s a bit strange to see no mention of them at all. Instead, WB talks about panels for “three of its most hotly anticipated films” like The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Jupiter Ascending, as well as premieres for Batman: Assault on Arkham, Scooby Doo! Frankencreepy, and Tom and Jerry: The Lost Dragon.

Let’s make something very clear: Warner Bros. is not going to completely ignore its biggest film at Comic-Con. A surprise appearance from Zack Snyder is highly likely and will probably occur at the end of the three-hour “special event designed specifically for DC Comics fans,” in Hall H that includes screenings of the pilots for Gotham and The Flash, as well as video presentations for Arrow and Constantine. 

Does that mean we’ll get to see actual footage of the film, cast announcements, Justice League news, or confirmation about WB’s long-term DC cinematic universe plan? Maybe. My guess is WB is trying to keep any BVS information secret. After all, we’re still two years away from the film’s summer 2016 release date, and at least three years away from seeing Justice League hit theaters, so the studio may be pacing itself and saving the really big announcements for next year’s Con. Trust me, I know how much that hurts. But, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Tell us, do you think we’ll be seeing anything from Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice at Comic-Con? Read the full official press release on the next page, and then let us know your thoughts in the comment section.