Warner Brothers Reboots The Bodyguard

Prepare to add The Bodyguard to a long list of films that are scheduled for reboots. Deadline is reporting that Warner Brothers is working to reboot the 1992 film starring Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. In the 1992 film directed by Mike Jackson, Costner plays as a bodyguard protecting Houston’s character from a crazed stalker. Soon the bodyguard’s assignment becomes complicated as the two begin to develop a romantic relationship.

The film will be scripted by Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer, whose action comedy script Family Getaway made the 2010 Black List and is a priority project at Warner Bros. Dan Lin will produce through his Lin Pictures banner, and Mark Bauch is co-producer. The script will feature the same love story, but rather than have the body guard be a former secret service agent, he will be a Iraqi War veteran.

Obviously the film will have references to today’s pop culture, current events, and modern technology and our bodyguard finds out just how difficult protecting his employer really is in a world of tweets, TMZ, and Google Maps. A reboot for The Bodyguard based on today’s social media technology and current events seems like an interesting concept at first. But given the fact that the older generation might not understand today’s social media lingo, it would be hard for me to believe that this reboot can be a hit at the box office. Today’s generation who has a full grasp of social media would not even remember who was in The Bodyguard, let alone know what the movie actually was.

Of course there are a variety of singers who could be up for this role and who wants to bet that Channing Tatum will play The Bodyguard?