Warner Bros. And Leonardo DiCaprio Pass On The Imitation Game

THR reports that both Leonardo DiCaprio and Warner Brothers have passed on plans to make The Imitation Game. The spec script for the World War II film was bought for seven figures last fall with the hopes that DiCaprio would take the lead role.

Unfortunately, DiCaprio never formalized his attachment to the film and without a major star, Warner decided to give up on the project. Despite this, director J. Blakeson still plans to stay with the project as it moves to another studio.

CAA, which represents both Blakeson and screenwriter Graham Moore, is in the process of repackaging the project and finding a studio willing to take it on.

The Imitation Game centers on Alan Turing, a British WWII cryptographer who was able to crack German messages and help the Allies win the war. Later in life, Turing was prosecuted for being homosexual, which led to his suicide.

Although Warner and DiCaprio have passed, I think it will be fairly easy for this project to find a new lead actor and a studio. I’m somewhat surprised they didn’t keep trying for this one, as this story has the potential to lead to a very powerful film, and Turing should be a highly sought after role.

What do you think of Warner’s decision? Should they have kept this project?

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