Warren Beatty Assembling An Amazing Cast For His Howard Hughes Film

Warren Beatty has been away from films and filmmaking for an incredibly long time. But recently there have been murmurings among the online community and Hollywood that the legend wants to make his return to the screen. Many predicted it would come in the form of a sequel to Dick Tracy. While that’s still a possibility, his new film will be about the impresario Howard Hughes.

Deadline reports that Beatty will play Howard Hughes and the film will be set in the latter years of his life, involving an affair he had with a younger woman. However, the really exciting news is more based in the cast that he is lining up. Beatty has met with some phenomenal people including Andrew Garfield, Rooney Mara, Alec Baldwin, Annette Bening, Jack Nicholson and Evan Rachel Wood.

There are some huge names in there and a few of them won’t be hard to sign on board for obvious reasons. He’s married to Annette Bening and he’s best friends with Jack Nicholson. And the others, well he’s Warren Beatty. The younger talent he’s sizing up for this will undoubtedly have at least some interest in it, if only to work with Beatty. Alec Baldwin also has a previous relationship with Hughes due to his involvement on Martin Scorsese‘s terrific Oscar winning Hughes biopic The Aviator.

This will mark Beatty’s first stint behind and in front of the camera since Bulworth and it could prove to be a worthy outing for the legendary actor. The casting and scope of the film sounds just as ambitious as Scorsese’s movie, but whether it will match the masterful boldness to the storytelling remains to be seen.