Warrior Cast Photos Of Joel Edgerton And Tom Hardy

Some artsy yet titillating cast photos of upcoming Mixed Martial Arts actioner Warrior have been released. The pics of studly up-and-comers Joel Edgerton and Tom Hardy, who co-star as estranged brothers who battle it out MMA-style, were taken by Tim Palen. These are just a few of over 120 photos that will be compiled into a book about Warrior called “The Men of Warrior”.

The film, after debuting at CinemaCon in April to positive reviews, is getting some major studio attention now regarding marketing. First, Lionsgate released an awesome trailer and now we get what looks to be a sneak peek via some photos that will fill a sleek and stylized coffee table book, to be released before the movie hits theaters on September 9th.

Palen is Lionsgate’s president of theatrical marketing, and he has shot many Lionsgate movie posters himself in the past. The photos of the cast members, as well as other real MMA fighters, proves the dedication and physical prowess of these men/actors.

Hardy plays an ex-marine who returns home disillusioned, and enlists his ex-alcoholic father (Nick Nolte) to train him for a massive MMA tournament. Meanwhile, his brother (Edgerton) makes a comeback to MMA fighting after he finds he can’t support his family by being a public school teacher. Of course, there will be a showdown between the battling brothers, and probably some kick-ass fight scenes.

By the looks of these pics, both Hardy and Edgerton are in top form. The pics of Hardy are perhaps a good indication of how muscle-bound and bulky he’ll be in upcoming Batman installment The Dark Knight Rises, where he will play the hulking Bane.

As for Nolte, he seems like the perfect choice to play an ex-alcoholic, tough-as-nails trainer. His frazzled crazy old-guy look has been put to good use in the last couple of years (think Hulk).

Here are some of the photos, thanks to a heads up from Vulture.


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