Watch A 25 Minute Roundtable With The Wolf Of Wall Street Director And Stars


There are a lot of exciting films set to premiere this December, but I think just about everyone in the film community is ready for The Wolf Of Wall Street. Martin Scorsese’s latest feature has been a long time coming, facing its share of adversity and a number of drastic cuts to keep down the runtime. Clocking in at a final three hours (give or take), the film will finally hit cinemas on Christmas Day. The director and stars of The Wolf of Wall Street certainly seem to think that the wait has been worth it, as they express their thoughts on the production in a 25 minute roundtable discussion of the film.

Director Martin Scorsese, screenwriter Terence Winter, and stars Leonardo DiCaprio and Jonah Hill recently sat down with THR (via The Film Stage) for an extended conversation about their upcoming movie. Scorsese as always talks a mile a minute, but what he has to say is interesting and well-informed. He mentions that we’re unlikely to see a director’s cut – taking the point of view that the film should stand by itself – but that cutting down The Wolf of Wall Street by about an hour was tough going at times. The stars meanwhile reminisce about their first encounters with Scorsese, while Winter explains a bit about the process of adapting Jordan Belfort’s book to the big screen.

The Wolf of Wall Street features DiCaprio front and center as Belfort, a stockbroker who lived the high life while engaging in some pretty dodgy dealings that included securities fraud and mob infiltration. He finally wound up doing time for fraud and money laundering. It also stars Matthew McConaughey as Belfort’s mentor, and Jonah Hill as one of Belfort’s partners in crime.

You can watch the full twenty-five minute roundtable discussion below. It’s a fascinating half hour, and well worth your time.

The Wolf of Wall Street premieres on Christmas Day. Are you excited for it?