Watch: The First 9 Minutes Of Bloodshot Tease Vin Diesel’s New Movie


Vin Diesel assured us before release that he wouldn’t let the Coronavirus pandemic interfere with Bloodshot premiering on time, and he was right. The film arrived in cinemas on schedule, but with the vast majority of movie theaters in the United States – and in most other regions of the world – now closed, it couldn’t have chosen a worse time to make its debut.

The pic failed to haul in even $10 million in what was one of the lowest-grossing weekends at the box office in decades. And now, just a few weeks after hitting the big screen, Bloodshot is available to watch from the comfort of your own home, as Sony’s released it on Digital today.

Not only that, but to drum up some hype, they’ve also shared the first 9 minutes from the blockbuster for those still on the fence about catching it, teasing what folks can expect should they decide to check out the full thing. And just from this small sample alone, Bloodshot looks like a promising ride.


Of course, the trailers were pretty enticing, too, but as we all know, Diesel’s latest effort was DOA, with critics panning it and its Rotten Tomatoes score sitting at a weak 30%. Then again, now that it’s on Digital and has a huge potential audience, with pretty much everyone stuck at home with not much to do, maybe it’ll find more love?

After all, its Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score is significantly higher than its critics one, with fans giving it a 78% and most people on social media speaking pretty enthusiastically about it. But why not give the first 9 minutes of Bloodshot a watch in the player up above and decide for yourself if it’s worth your time and money?