Watch: New Abominable Trailer Unleashes A Terrifying Yeti

Abominable Trailer

The first trailer for Abominable has been released today. No, not the animated flick from last year that kids could go see. This is a low-budget, bloody B-movie featuring a crazed yeti wanting a group of people to “GET OFF MY MOUNTAIN!!!”

The promo opens with an old man running for his life in the snowy woods. In a stunning development, though, he doesn’t make it and is dragged away, leaving behind a plant which is supposed to clue us in on its importance to the “story.”

Speaking of which, Abominable follows a team whose mission is to retrieve a rare plant that can progress medical research by centuries. But of course it can. The group discovers clues of what happened to the previous expedition and instead of leaving immediately, they press on and are picked off one by one by a dude in a suit. The tagline reads: “It wasn’t supposed to exist.”


I kind of appreciate that this yeti is just a normal actor and not bad CGI. They went old school here and it works for a movie like this. That being said, I don’t recognize a single face in the trailer and the director is Jamaal Burden, whose only other directing credit is the 2018 gem Elves, about killer elves at Christmas time.

If ever there was a time to release a straight-to-streaming movie though, it would be now. Everybody is in their homes looking to consume as much content as they can. And there’s no better time for bad monster flicks. There’s even a zombie movie about the coronavirus already. We kid you not.

As for Abominable though, it arrives on Digital HD and DVD on April 14th. Will you be checking it out, though? Let us know by dropping a comment down below.