Watch: Arthur Loses His Mind In Awesome Joker 2 Fan Trailer

Joker 2

Joker was a monumental success for Warner Bros. The DC movie earned more than a billion dollars despite a modest budget, making it the highest grossing R-rated film in history. And though director Todd Philips was adamant before release that there would not be a Joker 2, money talks and if the studio believes there’s more money out there, then they’re going to produce a follow-up. And it seems there’s indeed more money to be made.

We’ve heard countless reports that’ve pointed to a sequel being in early development and now, to give us an idea of what it could look like, YouTube user StryderHD has another cool fan trailer for us, featuring Joaquin Phoenix’s return to the Oscar-winning role and teasing what appears to be a pretty intriguing follow-up.

Phoenix is obviously terrific in the titular role and this teaser shows a lot of his brilliant work from Joker. Scenes from other Phoenix films like We Own the Night and The Master are also cut in and they further reveal the character slowly going insane. The payoff is a young Bruce Wayne standing next to his dead parents in an alley and a final shot of Robert Pattinson as our new Batman. It’s enough to give you the chills.

Of course, The Batman already has numerous villains, including the Penguin and Riddler, but the sequel will no doubt introduce his most formidable opponent. It won’t be Phoenix playing him, but still, seeing the Clown Prince of Crime go up against Pattinson’s Dark Knight will surely be a thrill.

For now, though, we can look forward to Joker 2, which is sure to be officially announced in the very near future. But until it is, this awesome new fan trailer is more than enough to tide us over.