Watch: Batman And Wonder Woman Cameo In Space Jam: A New Legacy Promo

Space Jam: A new Legacy

Space Jam: A New Legacy promises to be a much bigger movie than its predecessor. While 1996’s Space Jam pioneered the left-field idea of pairing up the Looney Tunes with a basketball star (Michael Jordan). New Legacy will pair up the Looney Tunes with a basketball star (LeBron James) – and then have them collide with the whole Warner Bros. back catalog. Including, as per this latest promo, Batman and Wonder Woman.

The belated sequel follows James teaming up with Bugs Bunny as he travels through “the Server-Verse” in order to save his son from an evil A.I. played by Don Cheadle. Along the way, they’ll cross over into various iconic WB universes. A clip from a just-released Japanese promo is being shared by superhero fans online as it teases Bugs and LeBron visiting DC World, where they’ll encounter the likes of the Dark Knight and Diana Prince.

A recent clip already teased the duo’s journey into DC World, with James dressed as Robin and Bugs in Batman’s cape. This promo reveals Bruce Wayne himself, though, with the hero realized in CG-animation. Fans will note that the Bat’s costume is extremely close to the Michael Keaton suit. Likewise, the legendary Danny Elfman theme tune is played over the top. Is this just for the trailer or will the theme also be featured in the movie itself?

Meanwhile, an additional shot showcases Wonder Woman in her native Themyscira, so clearly LeBron and Bugs will be visiting Gotham City, Metropolis (Superman’s hometown is also glimpsed in this promo) and the island of the Amazons while in DC World. Though Gotham and its characters are CG, Supes and Wondy will be 2D-animated, by the looks of it. It’s currently unknown who could be voicing the Justice Leaguers in the film.

Not long to wait now until Space Jam: A New Legacy arrives in just 10 days’ time on Friday, June 16th. Catch it in both theaters and on HBO Max.