Watch: Ben Affleck Film The Tender Bar Gets Official Trailer


If you’re looking for a coming-of-age movie with some legendary names attached in front of and behind the lens, such as Ben Affleck, Christopher Lloyd and George Clooney, among others, then look no further than the above trailer for the Amazon Original film The Tender Bar.

The upcoming film is based on a 2005 memoir of the same name by Pulitzer prize-winning writer J.R. Moehringer and recounts his upbringing in Long Island. Playing Moehringer in the film is Tye Sheridan, who will portray a character whose father has abandoned him at an early age. Taking up the mantle of father figure is Moehringer’s Uncle Charlie, played by Ben Affleck, who partially raises the boy at the bar he works at.

The film also co-stars Christopher Lloyd, Lily Rabe, Max Martini and Briana Middleton.

Behind the lens, the film is directed by George Clooney, who has a fairly good track record in that role since his directorial debut, 2002’s Confessions of a Dangerous Mind.

The screenplay for the film is by William Monahan, who previously won an Academy Award for best-adapted screenplay for 2006’s The Departed, an adaption of the Hong Kong action film Infernal Affairs.

With so much talent in front of and behind the lens, we’re excited to see how this film turns out, especially seeing an 82-year-old Lloyd featured prominently in the trailer as a lovably wise-cracking grandfather.

And for aspiring writers everywhere, it certainly looks like an inspiring tale as well in that regard.

The Tender Bar will be released in select theaters on December 17th, 2021 and then Amazon Prime Video on January 7th, 2022.