Watch: Big Hero 6 Spinoff, Baymax, Coming To Disney Plus Summer 2022


Earlier today, Disney Plus announced a slew of new movies and television series headed to the platform in the coming months. Among the highly anticipated upcoming releases was a trailer for the streaming sequel to Big Hero 6, a film that was released all the way back in 2014.

The original film didn’t immediately garner the same kind of passionate following that Frozen did, but was well received by audiences. People immediately fell for the charming robot Baymax and his brilliant companion Hiro Hamada, and fans held out hope that another film featuring the duo may follow.

Those hopes were realized today, when Disney dropped the official trailer for Baymax, an animated original series headed to Disney Plus in the summer of 2022, on Twitter. 

The trailer sets the scene for a charming, playful, and humorous continuation of Baymax and Hiro’s journey. The series looks poised to lean into Baymax’s role as a “personal healthcare companion,” portraying the marshmallow-shaped robot caring for a number of adorably animated people. 

Baymax will arrive on Disney Plus next summer.