Watch: Netflix’s ‘Bigbug’ gets cerebral first teaser trailer


We’re getting a mind-bending new teaser for director Jean-Pierre Jeunet’s upcoming sci-fi comedy film Bigbug, slated to come to Netflix next year.

Few details of the plot or even any bits of dialogue were revealed in the trailer. However, what was shown included was a visually stunning futuristic suburban landscape and a seemingly normal home filled with robot helpers with just a tinge of something sinister lurking beneath the surface.

Jeunet is the critically acclaimed French director behind many modern classics, such as The City of Lost Children, Amélie, and Delicatessen. He is co-writing Bigbug alongside Guillaume Laurant.

The film stars Dominique Pinon, Alban Lenoir, and the voice of André Dussollier, among others.

The storyline of the film follows a group of bickering suburbanites who find themselves stuck together when an android uprising causes their well-intentioned household robots to lock them in for their own safety. By the looks of the trailer, it seems that some hanky-panky may be going on between the humans and robots as well, or at the very least, perhaps some unrequited love happening.

Taking place in the year 2050, the film imagines a world inundated with artificial intelligence to indulge every human need and desire, “even the most secret and wicked,” according to Netflix’s description. The description continues:

“In a quiet residential area, four domestic robots suddenly decide to take their masters hostage in their own home. Locked together, a not-quite-so-blended family, an intrusive neighbour and her enterprising sex-robot are now forced to put up with each other in an increasingly hysterical atmosphere! While, outside, the Yonyx, the latest generation of androids, are trying to take over. As the threat draws closer, the humans look elsewhere, get jealous, and rip into each other under the bewildered eyes of their indoor robots. Maybe it’s the robots who’ve got a soul – or not!”

Bigbug arrives on Netflix on February 11.