Watch: Welcome To The Blumhouse Trailer Teases Eerie Scares


Welcome to the Blumhouse is a new movie anthology series and a joint effort between the titular horror production company and Amazon Studios, to be made available to stream on Amazon Prime. A trailer combining the dread of each showing has now been released to give us some idea of what’s in store for us and quite frankly, it looks great.

The first of the films, released on October 6th, is titled Black Box, in which a man is in a car accident that causes the death of his wife, leaving him to raise their daughter alone. It also results in the loss of his memory, and as he undergoes an experimental treatment to restore it, the darkness of the past revealed begins to feel like it belongs to someone else.

Also available on October 6th is The Lie, which sees a teenage girl confess to her parents that she killed her best friend in a heated moment, resulting in a spiralling vortex of deception as the adults attempt to stop the truth from getting out.

The next pair are both out on October 13th, one of which, Evil Eye, sees a mother’s delight that her daughter has met someone special turn to terror when she begins to notice similarities between the new man and an attacker she killed in self-defense three decades previously, leading to her fear that the potential in-law is the dark force reincarnated and has returned for vengeance by destroying her life and those of her loved ones.

Nocturne, meanwhile, features a talented but shy pianist attending a prestigious arts school become determined to outshine her peers, including her more successful sister, and in the process discovers a mysterious notebook that belonged to a recently deceased classmate that could give her all she desires, but at a high price.

There’s a second batch of another four movies to be released sometime next year, details of which will be forthcoming at a later date, but for the moment, this assortment will be more than enough to be going on with and to see how successful Blumhouse’s newest release strategy will be.

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