Watch: Buzz finds himself stranded in new ‘Lightyear’ clip


Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear is heading to theaters in June, and fans are getting a special first look at the exciting space adventure.

In the preview, Buzz Lightyear finds himself struggling because he crash-landed on an unknown planet, and the weight of the world (no pun intended) is on his shoulders. It’s his responsibility to take care of his team and get them home safely — and he’s not going to fail his mission under any circumstances.

Lightyear soon finds that they’re up against more than just a crash landing. From being marooned on a strange planet to coming face to face with aliens and space evils, the team will be fighting their most brutal battles yet.

It’s up to Lightyear (Chris Evans), Izzy Hawthorne (voiced by Keke Palmer), Mo Morrison (voiced by Taika Waititi), and Darby Steel (Dale Soules) to not just survive — but thrive in space. While the team may appear to be a mismatched group of astronauts, they come together to create a pairing strong enough to go toe to toe with space’s greatest villain, Zurg.

Of course, Lightyear also needs a four-legged companion to assist him on his mission home, so his robot cat Sox will play an important role in the film and be intergalactically adorable.

Will the team make it home safely? If so, what waits for them as they return to Earth, and if Zurg isn’t defeated, will he come back more robust next time around? Disney fans won’t have to wait much longer to find out more.

Lightyear crashes into theaters on June 17.