Watch: Cheetah Rises In New Wonder Woman 1984 Trailer

Wonder Woman 1984

Wonder Woman took 100 years off in between World War I and Batman V Superman, and it’s starting to feel like it’s been a century since we last had Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince on our screens. Wonder Woman 1984 has been the unfortunate victim of various schedule shuffles, even before the pandemic, but as things currently stand, it’s settled into an October release. Which means it’s less than a couple of months away now.

Via DC FanDome today, we got a brand new trailer for the much-anticipated sequel which provided a lot of fresh footage to raise the hype even more for the Amazon Princess’ sophomore solo outing. What marks this movie out from its predecessor is the jump forward into the 80s, with director Patty Jenkins clearly having a blast revisiting the styles and feel of the era.

But it’s not all different. Chris Pine is back as Steve Trevor, miraculously resurrected 70 years after his death in 1917. The “fish-out-of-water” dynamic from the first one is flipped here, too, as Diana has to introduce the man out of time to the wonders of the late 20th century. There’s a worry that Steve’s return could feel a little cheap and unearned, but Gadot and Pine’s chemistry is so great that he had to be brought back somehow.

WW84 is digging deep into DC lore as well and bringing two of Wondy’s biggest foes to the big screen for the first time. Kristen Wiig is Barbara Minerva, a shy archaeologist who’s reborn as Cheetah. Her transformation has been kept under wraps before now, but this trailer delivers a great look at her final form. The real villain of the piece, though, is Maxwell Lord, as played by Pedro Pascal, a yuppie businessman with the ability to grant wishes.

Coming less than a month after Tenet, Warner Bros.’ first big cinematic release in months, Wonder Woman 1984 will be smashing into theaters on October 2nd.