Watch Three Chilling New Clips From The Purge: Anarchy, Plus New Images

the purge anarchy

Are you ready to Purge again? Universal and Blumhouse seem to think so, having set The Purge: Anarchy to open just one week after the box office juggernaut that will be Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. It will certainly be interesting to see which film is more successful – the scrappy action-thriller or the massive summer tentpole – but regardless, it seems clear that both of them are going to make boatloads of cash.

As part of the film’s extensive marketing campaign, three scary new clips from Anarchy have hit the web today, along with four new images. In the clips, including one NSFW one courtesy of Shock Til You Drop, we see the film’s characters get kidnapped by nefarious military types for “Big Daddy’s personal purge,” debating whether they stand a better chance of survival alone or together, and evading a Gatling gun mounted on the back of a truck. It’s a thrilling trio of clips, one that gives me confidence that Anarchy will be a big improvement over its more confined, predictable predecessor. Check them all out below:


The Purge: Anarchy continues Frank Grillo’s career arc from bit supporting player to total badass action hero, and it looks like he’ll have plenty of time to hone his ass-kicking skills in this sequel. He plays a grieving father named Leo who goes out during Purge Night to murder the man who killed his son. Leo’s encounter with an imperilled group including a young couple (Zach Gilford and Kiele Sanchez) and a mother/daughter pair (Carmen Ejogo and Zoe Soul) forced to flee after their tenement is breached complicates things, and he begins a dangerous road to redemption as he attempts to protect them throughout Purge Night.

This movie throws the home-invasion trope of The Purge out the window, and what has been substituted in looks totally insane. We’ve got motorbike-riding psychos, a group of upper-class men and women placing bets as part of a Purge auction, massive gunfights, car chases and some other nutty-looking action sequences. Chances are, The Purge: Anarchy is going to be one hell of a night. It breaks loose on July 18th.

Source: The Playlist