Watch: Chris Hemsworth Heads Into Battle In New Extraction Trailer


No offense to Chris Hemsworth, but so far at least, he hasn’t had much luck with transferring his success as Thor in the MCU to other films where he’s in the lead role. He’s always entertaining to watch and has been fine with tackling supporting parts in the likes of Vacation, Ghostbusters and Bad Times at the El Royale, but in terms of movies where his name is above the title, the results haven’t been great.

Michael Mann’s Blackhat was a total disaster and earned less than $20 million globally, Ron Howard’s period-set In the Heart of the Sea didn’t make much of an impact either, and 12 Strong’s critical and commercial performance was nothing to write home about. And obviously, the less said about Men in Black: International, the better.

His latest movie though, Extraction is set to debut on Netflix later this month and has Hemsworth on board as both star and a producer alongside his MCU colleagues Joe and Anthony Russo. With its premiere quickly approaching, the streaming service has dropped a brand new trailer for the pic today as well, and you can catch it up above.

Frankly, the film does look a bit generic, but should still offer some solid entertainment for a few hours. Not to mention Hemsworth is well suited for the role and all things considered, it seems like a perfectly harmless action-thriller, one which will no doubt have many people tuning in in this time of self-quarantining.

Netflix’s Extraction will be available for your viewing pleasure on April 24th. Meanwhile, back in the MCU, Chris Hemsworth will return as Marvel’s God of Thunder in Thor: Love and Thunder. Though that won’t be for a few years, with the pic now releasing in February 2022.