Watch: Chris Hemsworth Gets Into A Knight Fight In New Extraction Clip


We love Chris Hemsworth, don’t get us wrong, but the guy just hasn’t had much luck when it comes to non-MCU movies. He’s always entertaining to watch, sure, and has done fine in supporting roles in films like Vacation, Ghostbusters and Bad Times at the El Royale, but when it comes to leading his own non-Marvel efforts, well, things aren’t so rosy.

Michael Mann’s Blackhat was a disaster in every sense of the word while Ron Howard’s period-set In the Heart of the Sea didn’t really impress a whole lot of people, either. 12 Strong, meanwhile, was a fine movie all things considered, but didn’t make much of an impact at the box office or with critics. And then, of course, there’s Men in Black: International, which we’d rather pretend didn’t happen.

His latest effort though, Extraction, is coming to Netflix later this month and so far, early buzz is pretty good, with people seeming fairly impressed with what they’ve seen of it so far. And now, with its release quickly approaching, the streaming company has dropped another new clip from the film online and it features an intense knife fight with Hemsworth and an unknown attacker. And once again, the footage we see here is pretty promising.

Of course, trailers and clips can be misleading, but Extraction looks like a fun ride so far and a big Netflix release during a time when everyone’s at home and under lockdown might be just the thing that the Aussie actor needs to break free from the MCU and establish himself as a bonafide leading man, even when he’s not wearing a cape and wielding a hammer.

Sure, Extraction may not win any awards, but with the promise of a couple of hours of thrills and high-octane action, and some considerable talent behind the camera, too, it might just be Netflix’s next big thing.