Watch: Chris Pratt Cracks The Whip In Indiana Jones 5 Fan Trailer


Given that no one from Disney or Lucasfilm has stated otherwise, Indiana Jones 5 is still set to enter production in just a few months and will hope to meet its July 2022 release date. That being said, it’d be foolish not to expect another delay considering that there’s been no indication of a script being completed, not to mention the fact that the fifth outing for the titular archeologist has already been pushed back multiple times since it was first announced for July 2019.

Unfortunately, plot details remain under lock and key, and the studio will no doubt be looking to keep it that way, but a new fan trailer has now arrived to whet our appetites in the meantime. Though instead of Harrison Ford leading the way, it swaps in Chris Pratt as Indy, who’s long been a fan favorite pick to take over the role from the Star Wars icon. And we must say, he certainly looks great as the iconic hero.

As mentioned above, Indiana Jones 5 is still scheduled for release in July 2022, though we’ll only truly believe it’s happening once some photos of Ford on set with a fedora on his head and a whip in hand surface. After all, this project has been in development for a very, very long time now and hasn’t had much luck when it comes to getting in front of cameras.

That being said, with James Mangold locked in to direct, hopefully he’ll be able to keep things on track as the movie inches closer to its start date and we’ll try to remain optimistic that it’ll turn out a whole lot better than the last time we saw Indy on the big screen, which was in Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.