Watch Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz & Alan Rickman In First Two Gambit Clips

No, no… this isn’t some secret Marvel adaptation with Colin Firth cast as the infamous card-throwing X-Men hero. Unfortunately, this is just a regular old film. Remember those? Which means no cinematic universe crossovers or Hugh Jackman cameos. Boring, I know.

But Gambit has at least been penned by the Coen Brothers, so you should expect something quirky, witty and occasionally wacky, which is what these two new clips are keen to show off. The Coens didn’t direct this one, though, which is kind of a bummer, but we’re willing to given director Michael Hoffman a chance. That’s what good film websites do. They give directors chances.

The first clip shows Colin Firth in full-on bumbling mode against Alan Rickman‘s seedy boss, whilst the second shows him getting into a bar brawl on account of Cameron Diaz‘s pretty face. Most of this film seems to focus on scenes of Colin Firth getting beaten up, which makes a nice change from all that Oscar-winning royalty stuff, I suppose.

What do you think? Does this movie look like it’s going to fill theatres or are you sensing a flop on the horizon?

Source: The Film Stage