Watch Dogs Movie Finds Its Writers


I’ve got to hand it to Ubisoft. They may be saturating the market with films based on their beloved video game properties, but at least they’re going about all this the right way. Unlike almost every other video game adaptation that we’ve seen hit the silver screen thus far, Ubisoft is intent on putting actual talent behind their projects. Michael Fassbender is set to lead Assassin’s Creed, Tom Hardy and Doug Liman are booked for Splinter Cell, and now, Zombieland scribes Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese have been tapped to pen the upcoming Watch Dogs film.

Set to drop in May, Watch Dogs is highly-anticipated within the gaming community, as it’s been delayed for a while and is promising quite the experience. Set in Chicago, the story will follow hacker Aiden Pierce, who turns his city into his “personal stomping grounds to carry out his own brand of justice after a violent family tragedy. He is certainly adept physically, but his true gift is his ability to tap into a citywide computer system and control everything from traffic lights to accessing intel that allows him to engage the bad guys, and thwart attempts to kill innocents.”

Of course, seeing as Watch Dogs isn’t actually available yet, it’s hard to comment on whether or not it would make for a good film. However, with Ubisoft already setting things into motion for the film adaptation, it’s likely a safe bet that they have a hit on their hands. Or at the ver y least, they’re pretty confident that they do.

May 27th is the day that Ubisoft’s long-awaited title will finally arrive on consoles and at that point, we should have a better idea of if Watch Dogs deserves the feature film treatment or not.

Source: Deadline