Watch: Drew Barrymore Reprises Iconic Scream Role For Comedy Skit


She starred in one of – if not the most – iconic opening scenes in horror history, and now Scream actress Drew Barrymore has reprised her role as doomed teen Casey Becker for a new comedy skit that imagines what it would be like if Casey survived until 2020.

The sketch, produced for The Drew Barrymore Show, sees the host donning a short blonde wig to recreate her famous look from the 1996 flick. Once again, she’s contacted by Ghostface. But, thanks to modern technology, he’s not so much of a threat to her anymore. Now when he calls and incessantly texts her, Casey knows who it is, so she can just ignore him and go about her life. Yup, she ghosts Ghostface.

It’s funny that Barrymore was only in the first scene of the movie and yet Scream is one of her most famous roles. Some actors might have a problem with that, but clearly she doesn’t, going by her willingness to spoof herself in this skit. In a separate bit on her show, she also got together – virtually, of course – with a load of fellow Scream stars and had them recount how they all died at the hands of Ghostface.

Apart from being a brilliantly directed sequence from horror master Wes Craven, the actress’ involvement in the film’s opening helped legitimize it as more than just a mere slasher. It’s probably a big reason the franchise is as successful as it is, too, with a fifth movie in production right now.

Yes, Scream 5 is shooting in North Carolina, with Neve Campbell, Courteney Cox and David Arquette all back for a face-off with yet another copycat killer. There’s a lot of speculation from fans about who will die in this film’s opening scene as well. Scream 4 tried to one up Barrymore’s cameo by killing off two big name actresses in Kristen Bell and Lucy Hale, so this next movie will probably take a similar high concept approach.