Watch: Dwayne Johnson is reborn a god in epic ‘Black Adam’ trailer


It’s been 15 years in the making, but the hierarchy of power in the DC universe is about to change. At long last, the first full-length trailer for Black Adam has arrived, and it promises an epic mythological blockbuster boasting the world’s biggest movie star as a superhero painted almost entirely in shades of gray.

While there isn’t much in the way of plot to be discovered in the footage, the promo more than makes up for it in terms of sheer spectacle. Black Adam looks huge in every conceivable way, featuring everything from sweeping landscapes to stunning vistas, via superpowered smackdowns on the streets, and the man himself yeeting someone who pissed him off clean into the ocean.

Heroes don’t kill people, but Black Adam does. But does that mean he’s a villain? Probably not, seeing as he’s being played by the heroic Johnson, but we have heard him described as the Dirty Harry of superheroes. The most likely outcome is that he’ll end up somewhere in the middle ground, then, especially when Pierce Brosnan’s Doctor Fate urges him to consider whether to destroy the world or protect it.

Make no mistake about it; Black Adam is going to be huge when it hits the big screen in October. The DCEU might get a regularly rough ride from its own fans on occasion, but most folks will agree that we could be in store for something that’s going to be spectacular at the very least, if not downright special. The Man in Black is here, and he’s ready to kick some serious ass.

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