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Watch: Epic Trailer For Army Of Thieves Debuts

Netflix premiered a first look at the upcoming film Army of Thieves, a prequel to Army of the Dead, and it looks wild.

If you fought your way through a zombie invasion, trekked to Vegas with a group of fearless mercenaries, and sought to find riches in a safe before a nuke was dropped on the town — chances are, you watched Army of the Dead on Netflix this year. If you didn’t, and all of that still applies to you, we want to talk!

Army of the Dead has earned a spot as one of Netflix’s most-watched films, and rightfully so. The action/comedy-packed zombie film was incredibly well done. The actors and actresses were on point the entire film, the action was insane in the best way, and the zombies were another level of spooky, especially the Alphas.

The movie performed so well that two prequels and a sequel were planned not long after the film’s debut. Fans want more of the story, more action, and more comedy. In the middle of a pandemic, it was a movie that brought us all out of a place where things were overwhelming and gave us something to get lost in.

During Netflix’s streaming event, TUDUM, a look at the prequel was shown to fans worldwide. Army of Thieves will hit Netflix this year, and fans can’t wait. The premise for this one is another heist, of course, with a group of thieves who likely wouldn’t have crossed paths otherwise.

The first look for the film is just as wicked and wild as fans could have hoped for.

Army of Thieves premieres on October 29th, so grab your Halloween-loving friends for a heist-themed movie night to celebrate the best time of year with what is sure to be one of the best movies of 2021.

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