Watch: ‘Father Stu’ trailer reveals an incredible true story


Regardless on how you feel about him on a personal level, it can’t be denied that Mark Wahlberg never gives anything less than 100% whenever he dives into dramatic territory.

Action thrillers and studio comedies may be his preferred genres, but the actor and producer can always be relied on to go all-in when venturing into the realms of would-be prestige drama. The latest case in point is Father Stu, the incredible true story that’s coming to theaters on April 15.

Wahlberg plays title character Stuart Long, who started out as a boxer before moving to Los Angeles with dreams of becoming an actor. Unfortunately, a serious motorcycle accident ended his second chosen career path, before he had a spiritual experience during his recovery that led to him finding religion and seeking priesthood.

After finding his own redemption and inspiring countless others along the way, Long was then diagnosed with a rare degenerative muscle disease, which left him confined to a motorized wheelchair by the time of his death in 2014.

Rosalind Ross writes and directs, with the filmmaker’s real-life partner Mel Gibson playing Wahlberg’s father for the second time after Daddy’s Home 2, and the footage paints the picture of a stirring biopic bolstered by what might be one of the leading man’s best performances yet.

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