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It’s been a long and winding road, but we’re finally there. In a mere week, the hotly anticipated and severely over-marketed Superman reboot Man Of Steel, directed by Sucker Punch auteur Zack Snyder, will hit theatres. And we’ll know if it leaps tall buildings, is faster than a speeding bullet, or succumbs to the kryptonite of its own hubris. Today, the final trailer for Man Of Steel has hit, just in time.

I have to confess something at this juncture: I may have been unfair to Man Of Steel. Because with this trailer, I may – maybe – have felt something like excitement for Man Of Steel that I have not felt with any of the other trailers. Maybe it’s the sonorous bookending with Russell Crowe’s voiceover, maybe it’s the mythological music, maybe it’s that the skin-tight Superman outfit looks really good on Henry Cavill, but for some reason this trailer has increased my desire to see the movie.

There’s nothing terribly new in this trailer that we haven’t seen in the fifty other trailers for Man Of Steel. We have Superman’s Daddy, played by Russell Crowe, telling his son that he needs to be a hero. We have Superman being a hero. We have Michael Shannon looking very nasty. We have explosions. We have a few ladies in the background. All well and good. But it is a fitting end to the marketing campaign that Warner Brothers launched way back in 1901, as Superman blasts off to save the world from something something.

We will of course know if all these trailers have paid off once Man Of Steel hits the theatres next week. It isn’t quite a stretch to say that the film will be successful – the question is how successful? And will it bring in more than just the fanboys? Again, based on Cavill’s biceps, I’m going to say: yes.

Man Of Steel soars into theatres June 14. Check out the finally final trailer below.

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