Watch: First trailer for A24’s ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’ promises a gripping whodunit


Having released the theatrical poster for the slasher just over 24 hours ago, A24 has dropped the official trailer for its latest slasher/thriller hybrid Bodies Bodies Bodies on the back-burner of the resounding success of its previous slasher extraordinaire by Ti West, titled X.

Directed by Halina Reijn, who made her directorial debut with the 2019 Dutch drama Instinct, the innovative slasher follows seven young friends who decide to play “Bodies Bodies Bodies,” a murder-in-the-dark style party game that involves hiding in darkness from a nominated killer. During the game, the group comes to discover that a real murder has taken place, forcing them to search for the real murderer among them.

Bodies Bodies Bodies stars Amandla Stenberg as Sophie, David’s recently-sober best friend, Maria Bakalova as Bee, Sophie’s working-class girlfriend, Myha’la Herrold as Jordan, one of the guests, Pete Davidson as David, the excessively wealthy co-host of the house party, Lee Pace as Greg, the much-older outsider, Rachel Sennott as Alice, Greg’s new girlfriend, and Chase Sui Wonders as Emma, David’s “boring” girlfriend.

In the trailer, we see the unusual band of misfits execute their chosen game, watching on as witnesses to a real-life murder when a harmless round of “Bodies Bodies Bodies” goes awry. From what we can infer, the characters are all personable, relatable and unique in having distinctively separate personalities. Although it follows — in some respects — the typical formula for slashers, Bakalova, who portrays Bee, tells Collider that the film is “more like an R-rated comedy” than a quintessential slasher.

Bodies Bodies Bodies is scheduled for release on August 5, 2022. After the lasting impression that A24’s X gave audiences, the pressure is on for Bodies Bodies Bodies to deliver.

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