Watch Full-Length Trailer For Last Vegas


Uh…OK, see here’s the thing. I’m not a big fan of those ‘let’s get the band back together for one more gig’ kind of movies. The more recent ones like Wild Hogs, Grown Ups and Grown Ups 2 have been underwhelming, to say the least. But you know what? None of those films featured bonafide cinema legends laughing it up together. So when I see a trailer for Last Vegas that boasts of stars Michael Douglas, Robert De Niro, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline, I go: awesome.

Last Vegas features Douglas, who’s about to get married to a much younger woman, inviting his best buddies out to Vegas for one last big party. So far, so generic. But when your best friends include three of the greatest Oscar-nominated actors of their generation? Man, tell me that this isn’t going to be hilarious.

And guess what? It actually looks funny. These guys are not phoning it in – and let’s face it, all four have phoned it in at some point in their careers. Based on the trailer, they all seem to be having a great time in their own, inimitable ways. This film’s pleasure might simply lie in getting to watch four legends goof off together, but if Adam Sandler and his friends can do it, why the hell shouldn’t the old folks? Hell, Robert De Niro has more talent in his little toe than Sandler ever dreamt of.

So what I’m saying is that if Last Vegas is as good as its trailer, it will wind up being a lot of fun. It cannot be any worse than Wild Hogs or the last Hangover film. Even when these guys phone it in they tend to be more interesting to watch than many of their contemporary counterparts.

Check out the full-length trailer for below and tell me if you don’t agree.

Last Vegas is set to open November 1st.