Watch: Awesome Back To The Future 4 Fan Trailer Hits 88 MPH

Back to the Future 4

“Great Scott!”

While all likelihood of a full-blown sequel to Robert Zemeckis’ beloved Back To The Future trilogy seems impossible right now, a recently unearthed fan trailer has helped re-ignite interest in another potential follow-up to the time-travelling sci-fi classic. Indeed, courtesy of the talented skills of YouTuber Smasher, the newly discovered teaser trailer boasts a modernized take on the popular sci-fi series. Feel free to check it out for yourself up above.

Pretty impressive, no? We’re not sure about you, but we had legit goosebumps while watching this latest fan-made trailer for the first time. It’s fair to say that Smasher really manages to nail the aesthetic, feel and tone of the iconic franchise in the space of this short video And it’s great seeing the return of older versions of fan favourite characters Doc Brown and Marty McFly, albeit for only a moment or two.

Of course, the Back To The Future trilogy is one of the rare Hollywood franchises to not receive a modernized reboot, and many consider that to be the right move – including the series’ writer-director himself, Robert Zemeckis. In fact, the Forrest Gump filmmaker even went as far as saying that he’s “adamant” that a new Back To The Future sequel will not happen in his lifetime. I mean, you can’t get much more crystal clear than that, right?

As you probably already know, reboots and sequels to long-standing, classic franchises can be a prickly business. If they’re not executed with precision, fans usually end up rallying against them, which is pretty understandable. Perhaps leaving the emblematic time-travelling flicks to age gracefully may be the best move for the franchise, then?

But what say you? Tell us, would you be up for a new Back To The Future sequel? Or should the iconic sci-fi series be left to rest in peace? Jump in your Deloreans and sound off in the usual place down below.