Watch: New Great White Trailer Teases A Shark Attack

Great White

Great White

UPDATE: This video has been removed at the request of the studio. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

Ever since Jaws first made audiences scared to go back in the water in the summer of 1975, when it also happened to become the highest-grossing movie ever produced and revolutionized the industry in the process, fans have consistently flocked to genre films involving giant man-eating sharks, which probably has a lot to do with the sheer visceral reactions generated by the concept.

Samuel L. Jackson’s Deep Blue Sea threw in a sci-fi element, The Shallows was a one-woman showcase for an impressive Blake Lively performance, Jason Statham battled a giant prehistoric critter in The Meg, the 47 Meters Down duology provide more straightforward horror, Open Water was a survival thriller and The Reef was all about suspense, to name but a small few.

One thing all of those movies have in common other than the presence of a shark trying to eat the majority of the cast, though, is that they all made a lot of money at the box office relative to their budgets. To that end, Martin Wilson will be hoping that Great White follows in the tradition of the enduringly popular subgenre when it arrives later this year.

The plot should be fairly easy to decipher from the title and nothing else, with the story following seaplane operators and their passengers taking a trip to a picturesque island, only to find themselves trapped and surrounded by a hungry bunch of the titular terrors, which is inspired by real-life events. The trailer doesn’t offer much that we haven’t seen before, but there’s still plenty of atmosphere to be found, and based on how much people seem to love these kinds of movies, Great White should easily find itself an audience when it debuts.