Watch: Heart-Pounding First Trailer For Netflix’s The Guilty Debuts


Jake Gyllenhaal is operator 625 in the upcoming Netflix film, The Guilty. The full trailer for the movie dropped today, and it takes viewers on a wild wide from the very beginning.

In a set of clips, 911 emergency operator 625 handles routine calls during his shift. He’s doing a noble job, but it’s not all excitement and life-saving. From robbery to the wrong department, he looks burnt out – like this is all just a little mundane.

That is until he gets the call that seemingly changes everything. A woman phones in, and at first, he believes it’s a waste of time. Things change quickly when he can tell that she’s hiding something, and the fear in her voice is real.

The unknown caller pretends to talk to a child as she gives information to operator 625 up until she says the wrong thing, and the conversation ends abruptly. Operator 625 knows the potential victim is in trouble, and he’s the only one who can help save her life.

From there, a series of events unfold, and viewers realize that there’s more to this story. It’s complicated and unlike any call operator 625 has dealt with before. The twists and turns will undoubtedly leave viewers on the edge of their seats.

The Guilty premieres on Netflix next month, October 1st.