Where Can I Watch My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising?

My Hero One's Justice

Fans of the anime series My Hero Academia were treated to a new film in the summer of 2019 called Heroes Rising. Since its initial Japan release, the movie also had a dubbed version hit theaters for Western fans in 2020.

The film showcases a new adventure for Deku and the other heroes in Class 1-A as they attempt to save a group of islanders from a powerful foe. With season five currently in a mid-season break, this is the perfect time to catch up on the action from Heroes Rising.

If you’re planning on watching the film at home, here are the best places to stream it directly to your home.

My Hero academia

Where can I stream My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising for free?

For My Hero fans in the United States with a STARZ membership, the streaming service is the best place to watch the film for free. Available both in Dub and Sub, STARZ has it covered for all anime fans. You can also access this through the STARZ add-on for Hulu if you’d prefer. In fact, probably the only way to watch the movie for free is to activate STARZ with a free trial on Hulu. The only catch? You’ll need an existing Hulu account to make it work. And just remember, of course, to cancel if the network’s other offerings don’t entice you.

For fans in the United Kingdom and Ireland, the best way to stream the movie is going to be through the Funimation app, but similarly, you’ll need a subscription to access this stream.

Right now, these are the only ways you can stream the film legally without purchasing or renting. If you’re happy to spend a little cash then you can rent the film from a variety of different VOD services depending on your region, notably Amazon Prime. Of course, this method will set you back a few dollars but in return, you’ll get a high-quality stream of the film.