Watch: Jason Statham and Aubrey Plaza save the world in ‘Operation Fortune’ trailer


Guy Ritchie and Jason Statham’s most recent collaboration in Wrath of Man was a rough and ready affair, following a standard revenge template down a dark, brutal and unflinchingly violent path. However, the pair have lightened things up significantly if the first Operation Fortune trailer is any indication.

The director’s The Man from U.N.C.L.E. is regarded as one of the most underrated blockbusters of the decade, proving that Ritchie has a sure touch when it comes to light and frothy spy capers. True to form, Operation Fortune looks like it’s going to be a fun time at the movies, with Statham clearly having a blast leaning into his unsung comic chops.

The action star’s Orson Fortune and his team aim to recruit Josh Hartnett’s Hollywood actor Danny Francesco to assist them in an effort to stop Hugh Grant’s notorious Greg Simmonds from putting deadly weapons into the wrong hands, with the latter following up his scene-stealing turn in Ritchie’s The Gentlemen with what appears to be another wondrously hammy performance.

The set pieces, performances and humor are all on point, and while it’s strange for a fairly big project like Operation Fortune to hold off for so long on debuting a trailer when it’s coming to theaters as soon as January 21, the promo should be more than enough to convince audiences to check it out.