Watch: New Justice League Snyder Cut Teaser Features Darkseid And Desaad

Justice League

Justice League was originally supposed to be just one chapter in what might’ve been the most epic cinematic superhero adventure we’ve ever seen. Indeed, Zack Snyder’s plan at the start was to kick off the DCEU with Man of Steel, introduce other heroes in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, bring them all together for Justice League and then have them go against the Apokalyptian God of all Evil, Darkseid as he invaded Earth in the follow-ups.

Unfortunately, however, Warner Bros. executives got cold feet and the terrible theatrical cut excised nearly all trace of Darkseid. With the Snyder Cut arriving next month, though, the God of all Evil will finally get his time to shine and a new teaser for Sunday’s big trailer has debuted today, putting the villain firmly in the spotlight. Admittedly, we don’t see a whole lot, but again, this is just an appetizer before the main course, which will be here on Valentine’s Day and is sure to break the internet.

Indeed, the marketing blitz is quickly gaining speed as we inch ever closer to the arrival of the hugely anticipated film on HBO Max, and expectations are currently through the roof for what many are calling Justice League 2.0. And why wouldn’t they be?

There’s just so much to get excited about when it comes to Snyder’s all-new take on the maligned superhero blockbuster and though it may not live up to the incredible amount of hype currently swirling around it, if there’s one thing you can be sure of, it’s that it’ll certainly be a lot better than what we saw in theaters back when Justice League premiered in 2017.