Watch: First Justice League Snyder Cut Teaser Trailer Reveals Darkseid

Justice League

Justice League was supposed to be a mere stopping off point in what could have been a truly epic cinematic superhero adventure.

As fans will know, Zack Snyder’s original plan was to launch the DC Extended Universe with Man of Steel, introduce the other heroes in Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, bring them all together in Justice League, and then have them square off against the Apokalyptian God of all Evil, Darkseid in further sequels. Sadly, though, Warner Bros. had different plans for their franchise and drastically altered its direction after Snyder departed midway through production of Justice League.

But with the Snyder Cut now happening and Zack getting to complete his version of the film, we’ll soon get to see what was originally supposed to play out and earlier today, the studio rolled out the very first trailer for the project. Seen up above, it’s fairly short and doesn’t show us a whole lot, but it does reveal a stunning tease of the aforementioned Darkseid, which should be more than enough to get folks talking.

Also seen here is Gal Gadot’s Diana Prince and though it’s a pretty brief tease of what’s to come, it’s still a tantalizing look at what’s in store for us next year. And knowing Snyder, we’ll no doubt be seeing more of the pic very soon in the lead up to its release.

But tell us, do you think the Snyder Cut of Justice League can possibly live up to the expectations that have been set for it? Or is it destined to disappoint? As always, let us know what you think by dropping a comment down below and watch this space for more.