Watch: Justice Society: World War II Clip Sees Wonder Woman In Action

Justice Society World War II

DC’s animated movies have always been far more consistent in quality than the live action efforts, and the latest installment, Justice Society: World War II, has now had a short clip released.

The video, seeing Wonder Woman effortlessly kicking the crap out of some Nazi soldiers, is likely to take place early in the film, and seeing her emerge from the smoke of the bombed-out ruins of an anonymous European town may well even be an introductory moment for the Amazon. In less than a minute it establishes her strength and skill, seeing her throw a truck, block bullets, leap through the air in a huge arc, and engage in close-quarters combat with brutal efficiency.

Although she never speaks a word throughout the encounter, her wide white eyes glaring in silent but incandescent rage suggest that the Amazons’ philosophy of love and understanding has its limits, and that this small portion of the army of genocidal evil will be far from the only ones on the receiving end of her wrath.

The movie sees modern-day Barry Allen push the limits of his speedster powers, resulting in his first encounter with the Speed Force. This results in his being thrown back in time and straight into the middle of a battle between Nazis and the Justice Society of America. Any interpretation of a superteam has a variable lineup, and as well as Wonder Woman, this one consists of Black Canary, Hawkman, Hourman, and Barry’s Golden Age precursor Jay Garrick.

The actual plot of Justice Society: World War II is somewhat vague, with only the mention of a “surprise attack” to be countered and a brief flash of a monster at the end of the trailer suggesting anything other than a merely human threat for the superheroes to face. Whatever the danger, if this brief clip is anything to go by, it’ll be a fast and compelling thrill ride.