Watch Kevin Feige Answer All The Questions About Marvel’s Phase 3

By now I am sure you have heard all about the excitement surrounding Marvel‘s announcement of their Phase 3 films. In the coming years, we’re going to see Black PantherDoctor Strange, several sequels, and a bunch of Avengers films on the big screen. With a slate planned all the way into 2019 and beyond, Marvel shows no signs of letting go of their stranglehold on the superhero franchise market – no matter what DC attempts. But there are still lots of questions surrounding the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and Kevin Feige spent a good bit of time answering them after the announcement today.

I think foremost in everyone’s mind (or mine, at least) is why no solo film for everyone’s favorite female superhero, Black Widow? I mean, the woman has popped up in a multiple films already, has been a highlight of all of them, and has a lot of unanswered questions about both her background and her future. Feige’s answer to this question is far from satisfying, but that’s to be expected, somehow. Marvel continues to be cagey about Black Widow, despite repeated calls from fans for a solo outing.

Of almost equal moment is the issue of Doctor Strange casting, something which Marvel left out of this announcement. It sounds like nothing is solid on that front just yet, despite heavy rumors surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch. While we do know that Chadwick Boseman is going to be Black Panther, the good Doctor still seems to be up in the air.

You can watch all of Feige’s question and answer session in the video above. Much of it is nothing new following the announcement, but perhaps there is something there to strike your fancy. While we can certainly expect many more rumors to start flying around now that certain films and storylines have been confirmed, if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that Marvel obviously plans to be around for a very long time.