Watch Matt Damon And Anna Paquin In The First Trailer For Margaret

For a film that’s been in development hell for more than five years, Margaret sure looks promising.

Margaret is the second film directed by Kenneth Lonergan, writer of Gangs of New York and Analyze This. The film stars Anna Paquin as a high school student who believes she caused a fatal bus accident. Matt Damon and Mark Ruffalo co-star as Paquin’s teacher and the bus operator, respectively.

The trailer follows 17-year-old Lisa Cohen (Paquin) as she gets ready for a date. She tries to flag down a bus driver (Ruffalo) and ends up distracting him, causing him to strike and kill a woman (Allison Janney).

Things quickly take a dark turn when Lisa starts doing poorly in school and flirting with her teacher (Damon). Lisa wants to take responsibility for the accident, but not before what looks like a ton of emotional upheaval.

Although Paquin doesn’t completely resemble a 17-year-old, Margaret looks like it will be a moving film worth watching.

Look out for the film’s limited release on September 30.

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