Watch Michael Cera Tripping Out In Crystal Fairy Trailer


Michael Cera is making the move away from his loveable loser schtick thanks to director Sebastian Silva. The Chilean filmmaker cast Cera in two of his upcoming features which he shot back-to-back. The first, Magic, Magic, sees Cera unleash his crazy as a member of a bunch of loons who taunt Juno Temple’s traveler while on vacation. While that film was generating funding, Silva took the time to shoot another project while on location. Crystal Fairy makes the most of the beautiful locale, and now has its first trailer available online.

As an American traveling round the world, Cera plays Jamie. An obnoxious youngster who, while venturing, meets a young woman named Crystal Fairy who joins his gang of merry wanderers. Seeking out the mysterious San Pedro cactus in order to drink from its hallucinogenic goodness, the relationship between the two becomes strained.

Gaby Hoffman, who made her debut way back in 1988 as Maisie Russell in Uncle Buck, steals the trailer as the titular Fairy. Riffing with Cera’s stuffy American, she forces him to confront his fears and makes him feel uncomfortable in the process. The trailer shares a visual style with Magic, Magic, but instead of venturing into the spooky it roams in search of the perfect road trip moment.

Check out the plot summary below:

Jamie is a boorish, insensitive American twentysomething traveling in Chile, who somehow manages to create chaos at every turn. He and his friends are planning on taking a road trip north to experience a legendary shamanistic hallucinogen called the San Pedro cactus. In a fit of drunkenness at a wild party, Jamie invites an eccentric woman—a radical spirit named Crystal Fairy—to come along. What is meant to be a devil-may-care journey becomes a battle of wills as Jamie finds himself locking horns with his new traveling companion.

Crystal Fairy opens in the US on July 12th.