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Watch: Monster Hunter: Legends Of The Guild Trailer Teases The Netflix Movie

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Netflix’s line-up of video game adaptations is scheduled to continue next month with Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild. Similar to the recently released Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, this animated adventure is inspired by Capcom’s mega-successful action-RPG of the same name. For those not aware, the core games, while not linked by a core narrative, always has players take on the role of a Hunter, tasked with defending their village from the surrounding wildlife.

These ecosystems are more often than not dominated by apex predators known collectively as Elder Dragons, colossal beasts with the power to destroy anything in their wake. That being the case, it’s hardly surprising that young warrior Aiden is troubled when he discovers exactly that on his doorstep, and only with the help of his co-dwellers as well as a mysterious outsider will he have any hope of saving family and friends from certain doom. To help get you pumped for that climactic face-off, Netflix has released a brand-new trailer, as well as a poster, for the upcoming film.

Monster Hunter: Legends of the Guild releases next month, August 12th, only on Netflix and follows not long after director Paul W. S. Anderson’s live-action adaptation. Whether the former can endear itself to critics and fans to a greater degree than Anderson’s efforts remains to be seen, though, at the very least, this year’s spin-off already appears to feature a greater number of iconic creatures.

As for the games, Nintendo Switch owners recently got an alternative to 2018’s acclaimed Monster Hunter: World in the form of Rise. If you’ve yet to check that out, see here for WGTC’s review.

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