Watch: Milla Jovovich Fights A Greater Rathalos In New Monster Hunter Promo

Monster Hunter

Paul W.S. Anderson shot to fame helming effects-heavy genre movies that don’t usually go over well with critics, but often do solid business at the box office. Be it Mortal Kombat, several installments in the Resident Evil franchise, Alien vs. Predator or the Death Race remake, the director can be relied on to deliver an over the top action extravaganza almost every time and his latest effort looks no different.

Yes, Anderson’s new film finds him on familiar turf, as he gets behind the camera for another video game adaptation that features wife Milla Jovovich in the lead role. We are, of course, talking about Monster Hunter, which we hadn’t seen a whole lot of up until recently.

But now that the marketing campaign is underway, the studio is starting to drop some tantalizing looks at the blockbuster and up above you can catch another new promo – though you’ll have to skip ahead to the 42:09 mark.

While there’s not a whole lot here to feast on, it is indeed another promising glimpse at the project that teases a larger than life adaptation that’s seemingly following on in the same vein as most of the director’s previous work. Which could be a good thing if you enjoy his style. Not everyone does, but the Resident Evil franchise certainly found a big fanbase, and it’s hard to deny that despite their flaws, Anderson’s efforts are often hugely entertaining.

In any case, we’ll find out soon enough how Monster Hunter fares, as the pic will be with us later this year, on December 30th. Providing the studio doesn’t get cold feet due to COVID-19 and move it into 2021, that is.