Watch: Monsters Come Out To Play In New Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City Trailer

resident evil welcome to raccoon city trailer

We must admit, the more glimpses we see of the upcoming film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, the more it feels like we may be getting treated to a genuinely scary horror experience, as in this new trailer above.

This latest peek is the creepiest yet and a far cry from some unfavorable reactions about aspects of previous trailers, such as the relatively unknown leads and questionable CGI of the zombie dog, making past trailers feel like it’s for a watered-down CW adaptation at parts rather than a bona fide bone chiller. Those previous trailers still offered some impressive beats, however, such as the lovingly recreated Licker.

Surprisingly, though, this latest trailer features almost wall-to-wall astonishingly ghoulish monster moments that don’t feel held back by poorly rendered computer graphics at all.

We get an unsettling opening at an orphanage featuring a little girl trying to befriend — then get attacked by — what appears to be a zombie wearing human skin (Marina Mazepa’s Lisa Trevor). Later on in the trailer, we also get a terrifying scene where the character engages in some creepy contortionist moves that would make Pennywise cringe in fear.

The emphasis on body horror is prevalent throughout the trailer, as we see moments familiar to us from past trailers, such as a corpse being flayed out on an operating table as Kevin McDonough’s William Birkin presumably conducts insidious experiments. We later see someone mutated by the T-Virus and appearing somewhat like the Tyrant boss from the first game, with one of his arms bulging asymmetrically with what looks like a sharp, bone-like growth.

The trailer concludes with a few quick cuts of other monsters, such as the aforementioned, impressively realized Licker, and what looks to be an equally well-crafted CGI rendering of one of Birkin’s advanced mutated forms.

We’ll just have to see if the film will bring the scares as indicated in this trailer when Resident Evil: Welcome To Raccoon City haunts screens on Nov. 24.