Watch: Morbius recaps how he became a monster in new TV spot


Jared Leto’s Dr. Michael Morbius recaps how he became a monster in this latest TV spot for the incoming Sony/Marvel movie. Morbius has been one of the most impacted releases of the pandemic era, with its due date moving countless times over the past two years. But, and we’re not fooling you, it’s finally set to hit theaters this April 1. Ahead of its long-awaited arrival, the latest promo for the flick, which you can catch above, helpfully reminds us what the main character’s whole deal is.

“It’s been, uh, a pretty interesting week,” says Leto’s Morbius, a brilliant scientist who takes an experimental cure for his rare blood disease that transforms him into a living vampire. “Got pretty strong,” he continues. “Learned to fly… Became a monster.” The promo then teases the not-so-good doctor’s confrontation with FBI agent Simon Stroud (Tyrese Gibson), with the detective telling Morbius that “half the city wants to control you, the other half wants to kill you.” A deadpan Michael replies, “Wish me luck.”

Leto and Gibson are joined in Morbius by Adria Arjona as Michael’s fiancée, Martine Bancroft, Jared Harris as his mentor, Dr. Emil Nikos, and Matt Smith as an old friend of Michael’s with the same blood disease who will act as the villain of the piece. For a long time, it was believed that Smith was playing comic book villain Loxias Crown, but recently it’s been revealed he’s actually on board as an original character named Milo.

While these three aren’t featured in the TV spot, we do get a brief glimpse of Michael Keaton as Adrian Toomes, aka the Vulture, which is just the latest example of the Spider-Man: Homecoming star’s presence being heavily touted in the marketing. Whether his role actually amounts to much beyond a crossover cameo, though, remains to be seen.

After it was originally supposed to drop in summer 2020, audiences will finally be able to sink their teeth into Morbius when it lands in cinemas next month.