Watch: Netflix releases chilling trailer for true crime doc ‘Our Father’


The trailer has just dropped for Netflix‘s new documentary, Our Father, the disquieting tale of a top fertility doctor with a stomach-churning secret: he was impregnating women with his own sperm without their consent.

After his descendants make the discovery decades later, they band together in order to pursue some kind of justice.

It all got revealed after a woman’s at-home DNA test showed she had multiple half-siblings, all with the same father. What she eventually unraveled was a scheme involving donor sperm and a fertility doctor popular within the community.

The real-life Dr. Donald Cline secretly fathered dozens of his patients’ children while working as a fertility doctor, Women’s Health reports.

When Jacoba Ballard, in hopes of reconnecting with one or two siblings from the same sperm donor, takes a DNA test and makes the horrific discovery — and matches with seven others.

Dr. Cline had been a once celebrated figure in his Indianapolis community, garnering a reputation as being the best fertility doctor in the area.

But despite Ballard’s attempt to bring Cline to justice by spearheading an extensive investigation and reconnecting with as many of her half-siblings as possible, the lack of legal precedence makes the task extremely difficult.

The official count of half-siblings totals somewhere north of 90, with many of Cline’s descendants being featured in the chilling trailer that horror film factory Blumhouse unsurprisingly produced.

Our Father hits Netflix May 11.