Watch: Netflix wishes you sweet dreams, via Kevin Hart being attacked by a lion

kevin hart

Netflix is getting really creative with its promotional material it would appear. In the case of their upcoming release Me Time, starring Kevin Hart, Regina Hall, and Mark Whalberg, the streaming giant dropped a soothing, sleep-inducing promo video over on Twitter, but it would seem Hart did not get the message.

The latest film, from the comedic mind of John Hamburg (I Love You, Man and Along Came Polly), features Hart doing what he does best, playing a somewhat normal man who gets roped into something crazy, comedic drama ensued and he screams – a lot. Hart’s character, Sonny, has been living his life as a stay-at-home dad who has done nothing but care for his kids, his wife (Hall) forces him to take some me time where he ends up reconnecting with an old friend whose still living wild, Huck (Wahlberg).

Now Hart isn’t well known for using his inside voice, and the film’s recent promotional video capitalizes on that. Under the guise of creating a soothing, ASMR, like story time to send late-night viewers to sleep (as if Netflix ever really wants that) Whalberg and Hall talk softly into their large microphones, only to be derailed by Hart shouting out less than calming plot points from the movie.

In usual Hart shenanigans, the film contains a tonne of crazy hijinks that no one person would be able to survive in consecutive order including the clip showing him getting mauled by a lion and going base jumping with no prior experience. Hart is really pushing them out over at Netflix, with his last film, The Man From Toronto, released on the platform only two months ago.

Me Time will be released on Netflix on Aug. 26.