Watch: New Bruce Willis Movie Apex Touts Badass Sci-Fi Action


For those dying to once again see Bruce Willis star in a sci-fi action film ever since his legendary turn playing Korben Dallas in 1997’s The Fifth Element, look no further than the above trailer for the upcoming Apex.

In the film, Willis plays ex-cop Jim Malone, convicted of a murder in a burglary gone wrong, as an artificial intelligence voice tells us. He is then recruited to a deserted island to face off against five elite hunters, giving Malone a chance at winning back his freedom. But the squad trying to destroy Malone soon find that they are the ones being hunted by him.

The film co-stars Neal McDonough, Lochlyn Munro, Alexia Fast, Mega Peta Hill, and Hels Lennarson.

Though it does take place in the future and features hovering drones that can lift a shipping container, holograms, and the aforementioned A.I., it looks to be leaning more heavily into the action genre more so than sci-fi. In fact, the film is touted as being a remake of the 1994 flop Surviving the Game, which itself was loosely based on the 1924 short story The Most Dangerous Game, according to IMDB.

The movie is co-written and directed by Edward Drake, with Corey Large also credited as co-writer. The trio of Drake, Large, and Willis previously collaborated on the sci-fi film Cosmic Sin, which is available to view on Netflix now. In addition, the writing duo previously penned the sci-fi Willis-helmed film, 2020’s Breach, which was directed by John Suits.

Bruce Willis‘s Apex is set for release in theaters, digital and VOD on November 12th, 2021.