Watch: New Trailer For Dolph Lundgren’s Castle Falls


A new trailer is out for the high octane action flick, Castle Falls which follows a group of characters with different backgrounds and motivations as they fight over a stash of millions of dollars hidden inside an abandoned hospital that is scheduled for demolition.

The trailer, which can be viewed in full below in addition to some photos, teases plenty of fast-paced action sequences with a mix of hand-to-hand combat and chaotic shootouts. The film stars Dolph Lundgren as a father who will stop at nothing to ensure he can afford his daughter’s cancer treatment and Scott Adkins as an ex-fighter turned construction worker who finds the money on the site as he is preparing to demolish the building.

With the building set to blow within 90 minutes, the characters must race against the clock as they hunt for the cash and try to get out of the building alive. The film’s synopsis also indicates the state of the hospital is somehow a product of the city’s “segregated past” suggesting the plot might include some level of social commentary.

In addition to playing a starring role in the film, Lundgren, who is known for his work in other action films like The Expendables franchise and The Punisher, will also be in the director’s chair for Castle Falls. The film is written by Andrew Knauer who has only been writing films since 2013 and penned the scripts for films including The Last Stand and Ghost Team One. Castle Falls is scheduled to debut in theaters everywhere on Dec. 3.