Watch Patrick Wilson And Brooklyn Decker Stifle Laughs During A Sex Scene From Stretch


The behind the scenes activities on a movie set are often captured on sweet, cleverly-packaged “making-ofs.” Appearing in the special features section of your DVD or Blu-ray, you can see the actors being filmed while they’re shooting a scene! BAH! It’s crazy.

Unfortunately, we’re rarely given a glimpse into the shooting of one particular instance: the sex scene. That’s all changed now though, as director Joe Carnahan has trounced down another barrier of sexual guilt clung to by many. In the build up to the release of his action comedy, Stretch, he’s published a behind-the-scenes video detailing just what goes into shooting a steamy moment.

The scene in question involves Patrick Wilson, who stars as a downtrodden limo driver up to his eyeballs in debt. When a choice gig comes his way, chauffeuring a rich buffoon around town for a night, he slides behind the wheel. Then, of course, as things often do in movies – everything goes wrong.

Seems like between takes, there’s nothing better for Carnahan than a load of laughs and colourful language. In the clip, we get the chance to see the actors before, during and after the scene. Joining Wilson is The League‘s Brooklyn Decker, and the pair appear to be having a total hoot. Listen out in the background for a crew member – or possibly the director himself – shouting out “Great f–king!”

Stretch is available on iTunes and Amazon from October 7th, with a general VOD release on October 14th.